Universal ethernet PHY

Ethernet PHY is required in every microcontroller application which uses ethernet interface. It consists of RJ45 connector, transformers and PHY controller, which is analog circuit – interface between transformers and ethernet controller in microcontroller.

Circuit is divided in two PCB to keep it simple and single-sided. It connects via 20 pads (2,54mm raster) in dual row. Ethernet cables are usually stiff.  Dual-in-line style of this module provides better mechanical rigidity.

Ethernet PHY module

Universal ethernet PHY module

Module assembly is simple: first solder all SMT components. Solder ethernet connector to smaller board. Finally, solder both boards together.


Project files:

pdf_icon.gif (16×16)Ethernet phy protoboard (assembly drawings and TT artwork)

altium.png (32×32)Ethernet protoboard – altium project


Assembly drawing:

Ethernet PHY protoboard assembly drawing

Ethernet PHY protoboard assembly drawing

Completed module:

Universal ethernet PHY Universal ethernet PHY


  1. Andrew Neil says:

    “Ethernet PHY is required in every microcontroller application which uses ethernet interface”

    True; but not necessarily an *external* PHY – note that some microcontrollers do have a built-in, on-chip PHY:

    eg, http://focus.ti.com/mcu/docs/mculuminaryfeatures.tsp?sectionId=625&tabId=2612&familyId=1755&contentId=87486&featureId=7

    See: https://my.st.com/public/STe2ecommunities/mcu/Lists/cortex_mx_stm32/DispForm.aspx?ID=17665

  2. Ashikur says:

    could you provide me the altium library RJ45 that you used in that project .I will be grateful to you .
    Thank you

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