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RAK811 3D model and plastic housing

There was no3D model for RAK811 breakout board with GPS tracker, so I made it from the drawings. I added plastic housing to be used with velcro straps. I prepared two models, one with only RAK811 and small LiPo battery and second one, 4mm higher with enough space for additional PCB with custom electronics. Enjoy.

Higher version with additional PCB

Lower version without additional PCB

Base is same for both versions.

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Multicolor signal light with beeper

When debugging algorithms in an autonomous vehicle a light that can show algorithm state in real time was proven to be effective for easier debugging and additional insight to what is going on in the code.

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Raspberry pi camera housing

This is housing for R.Pi camera V2 with LED illumination.

Camera housing

It is 3D printable housing and PCB with 9 IR LEDs with enable.

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3D printed Loop antenna

Branko, one of the famous experts for old(ish) radio devices designed magnetic loop antenna, which can be 3D printed. Here are complete instructions in german language:

Germany-Flag-iconLoop Antenne aus dem 3D-Drucker

Slovenia-icon Slovenski opis (in Slovenian language)

Housing for ST-Link V2 on a single sided DIY PCB

“Quick and dirty” design of the housing for ST-Link V2 on a single sided DIY PCB is available on GrabCad and  __H__E__R__E__

h1 h2 h3 havzing

3D printer test

Some photos of first “serious” parts made with new all metal extruder and CNC 3D printer.

All prints are made with ABS, without heated bed! Part scale: diameter is 10mm. 

200um layer - 3d printing filament exit point

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First 3D print with new machine


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Testing 15 m/min feed rate for 3D printing purposes

Isel stepper motor driver + Ultimaker original motherboard working

I’m so happy it works. So far only X axis.


I’m using +42V and +5V supply from Isel power brick to power Isel step drivers (X and Y). I also added MW switcher to get +12V supply for Ultimaker motherboard. Next step is connecting Y axis and adding stepper drivers for Z and extruder.

Full metal extruder for 3D printer

This is my design of an extruder for filament in wire shape. It is designed to precisely extrude plastic wire with 1.75mm in diameter. Extruder will be used on Isel cnc machine capable of driving 2kg spindle with high speed acceleration. Weight wasn’t an obstacle so I made it heavy duty.

I’m using small stepper motor with integrated gearbox which reduces it’s rpm and increases torque. Wire meets the gear with sharp edges which pushed wire further through heat sink to hot end.

02 - Stepper motor gear hot end extruder 03 - Rear view 04 - END OF DAY 1 -----------------------------------------------

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