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Mini CW Keyer / QRSS beacon V1.1

I designed dedicated PCB for the CW keyer. The project is very similar to the version made on prototyping board.

keyer pcb

Here are the updates:

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Prototyping with PLL ADF4351

ADF4351 is very interesting PLL chip with many features. Here is prototyping board to start playing around with this interesting chip.


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MODEM, parrot, CAT, …

Full bunch of wires is hanging from each HAM station and PC connected to the station: CAT, audio, each via dedicated interface for isolation or level shifting. Additional mess is with parrots or digital interfaces for digital mode. I wanted simple solution, which can be conected to PC via single USB cable.

I was looking for simple audio CODEC and found WM8731. To have enough processing power for some simple DSP audio I chose cortex M4F microcontroller. There is also micro-SD on the board for audio recording and playback, two mini-DIN connectors with YAESU pinout and galvanic isolation for USB. I stareted this project few months ago. I will add posts when I will make progress with module programming.


The PCB is 80x45mm.

Here is schematic: modem

And PCB layout: lingva


Stay tuned for further progress reports.


The software will be published on git.

Dummy load

I was looking for dummy load on ebay for HF testing. All dummy loads were too expensive. Then I found bag of thick film resistors. Unfortunately they were 820 ohm, which is not optimal for 50 ohm load, but close enough. Then I constructed two PCBs.

The construction is simple…

000 001 002 003 004 005 006 007


At the end I would like to put everything into oil bath to make it more suitable for high power testing.

The small SMA connectior is for measuring via the 1:10 voltage divider.

Here’s altium PCB for the two boards: dummyload (31.10.2014 21-23-06)