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Affordable pluviometer part 2 – strain gauge measurements

Affordable precision pluviometer PART 1 (introduction and construction) is here.

Here are first analog measurements of the affordable precision pluviometer:

mL uV uV/mL
0 550
10 568
30 606 1.87
50 643 1.86
100 736 1.86
200 924 1.87
300 1109 1.86
400 1296 1.87
500 1483 1.87
600 1672 1.87
650 1762 1.86
700 1853 1.86
750 1949 1.87

The measurement setup was: measuring graduated cylinder (4) strain gauge sensor (3) from kitchen scale, power suuply (2) and digital multimeter (1):


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Anemometer without moving parts

Somewhere in year 1995 I had idea for anemometer without movable parts. I forgot about that and recently I started building weather station for the vine yard.  Now it’s time to transfer that idea to reality.This is the sketch from that time:


I am working in company HYB in R&D department. My experience with pressure sensors is longer than the anemometer idea (more than 20 years). Our main products are sensors. We have industrial pressure sensors for extremely low pressures. Lowest full scale pressure sensor goes as low as 1mbar (one millibar!). Just for impression: this is equal to 1cm of water column – one cm under the water surface is 1mbar pressure. The model, most suitable for annemometer based on wind pressure measurement is HPSD 3000:

The sensor has 15 bits I2C output  for pressure and temperature via I2C interface. The sensor is available through our distributor or ask directly here.

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Low cost sun shield for weather sensors

The white plastic radiation shields that protect the temperature, humidity and other sensitive sensors from any direct sunlight can be built for bargain. I started with trays from local garden shop. They sell for about 10 cents per tray with diameter 120mm (5 inches). About 10 trays were CNC machined:


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Affordable pluviometer (rain gauge)

Today I started with realisation of some affordable weather sensors. First one is pluviometer or rain gauge. My idea is to attach some self draining container on the strain gauge. I salvaged one sensor from old kitchen scale (scrap from some other very interesting project).

First I drew my idea on paper:


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