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Comparing two DIY PCB prototyping processes

Following this interesting heat-less, laminator-free process I decided to test it myself:

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Garmin VIRB video cable teardown

Here’s teardown of a Garmin Virb camera AV cable. You can find pinout and “ID” resistor at the end of the post:


virb usb

How to weld a thermocouple using two pencils

Power supply: 30V, 10A

How to make logo from DXF in Altium

This is simple tutorial, hot to prepare your favorite logotype in altium designer, either as overlay mask or in copper.

Step 1 – Draw your logotype. Prepare it as outline and save it in DXF or DWG version 11 or 12. Altium designer is very picky about that.


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QR Code in solidworks

I was looking for easy way to get QR code in 3D model within solidworks. Here’s one recipe hot to do it.

test  qr3dqrfinal

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