LoraDunchy Arduino Nano pin-compatibile LoRa module with power management

Lora board with Arduino nano compatibile pinout and simple battery management

Small board with arduino nano compatibile pinout with power management and Murata ABZ LoRa module with STM32L0 microcontroller


  • LoRa module: Murata ABZ
  • Single cell LiPo cell charger on-board with charging signal internally connected to PA11 (via jumper)
  • Buck/Boost switching power supply for delivering stable 3,3V regardless of the batterz voltage
  • Battery fuel gauge on-board to control the real status of the battery


Schematic diagram

Board view


BOT Silk Screen print


Connector pinout


  • 1 – PA9 USART1_TX, 2C1_SCL MCO
  • 2 – PA10 USART1_RX, I2C1_SDA
  • 3 – nRST
  • 4 – GND
  • 5 – NC
  • 6 – PB5 SPI1_MOSI, LPTIM1_IN1, TIM3_CH2, TIM22_CH2
  • 7 – PB6 USART1_TX, I2C1_SCL
  • 8 – PB2 LPTIM1_OUT
  • 9 – PB7 USART1_RX, I2C1_SDA, LPTIM1_IN2
  • 11 – PH1
  • 12 – PA12
  • 13 – PB12 SPI2_NSS, EVENTOUT
  • 14 – PB15 SPI2_MOSI
  • 15 – PB14 SPI2_MISO, I2C2_SDA, TIM21_CH2


  • 1 – V+
  • 2 – GND
  • 3 – nRST
  • 4 – 5V
  • 5 – PA8 I2C3_SCL, EVENTOUT
  • 6 – PA5 SPI1_SCK, TIM2_CH1
  • 7 – PB8 I2C1_SCL
  • 8 – PB9 I2C1_SDA
  • 9 – PA4
  • 10 – PA3 TIM21_CH2, TIM2_CH4, USART2_RX, LPUART1_RX
  • 11 – PA2 TIM21_CH1, TIM2_CH3, USART2_TX, LPUART1_TX
  • 12 – PA0 TIM2_CH1
  • 13 – PH0
  • 14 – 3V3
  • 15 – PB13 SPI2_SCK, I2C2_SCL, TIM21_CH1

How to use with Keil uVision (free for STM32 F0/L0)


  • Download Keil MDK-ARM v5 from https://www.keil.com/demo/eval/arm.htm
  • Run the downloaded MDK5xx.exe installer
  • Install to any path you like. If you have existing MDK-ARM installations that you want to keep, select a new folder for MDK v5.
  • Click Install to download and install the STM32F0 and STM32L0 Device Family Packs supplied by Keil: loradunchy_packinstaller


  • Login with an account that has administration rights
  • Right-click the µVision icon and select Run as Administrator… from the context menu.
  • Open the dialog File — License Management… and select the Single-User License tab.
  • Click the button Get LIC via Internet…, then click the button OK to register the product. This action opens the License Management page on the Keil web site.
  • Enter the Product Serial Number 4PPFW-QBEHZ-M0D5M along with your contact information and click the button Submit. An e-mail is sent back with the License ID Code (LIC) within a few minutes.
  • To activate the Software Product, enter the LIC in the field New License ID Code (LIC) of the dialog License Management… and click Add LIC.

Project setup and configuration – How to use LoraDunchy software

After installation of free Keil IDE (uVision for STM32 L0/F0) clone the repository and copy content of the sw/projects/LoraDunchy folder and that’s your starting point.

Next, register on the TheThings Network and create application. Within your application register new device.

Copy template comissioning file (sw/Projects/{your_project}/inc/ to new file.
Use application key and device ids to fill the missing data in the missing fields in the comissioning file. Edit the include directive in file comissioning.h, line 68. Build project, upload to the LoraDunchy hardware. Activate Reset and if your device is within the TTN connected LoraWAN Gateway, you should observe packet with couple of bytes payload (0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04 0x05).


GNU General Public License



Repository with latest hardware and software files: https://github.com/s54mtb/LoRaDunchy



Limited quantity of boards is available now. Send me email with brief description of your project and I can provide module for prototyping needs.

First series boards will be available in September 2018



  1. solipso says:

    Great little board! But I wonder: why you opted for muRata module instad of RAK811? Is there something the muRata has that is not present on RAK?

    • Mare says:

      They are both similar. RAK811 has a bit larger housing 22×14 mm vs 12×12 mm, but is more simple to solder in DIY style. Software looks very similar. Even the pricewise are both very similar. Maybe I will prepare another design to accomodate RAK811 in same outline/pinout.

  2. Jurek says:

    What will be the price? I’d Love to buy a few items to my project

    • Mare says:

      Thank you Jurek for the interest. I can send you one piece free of charge just for testing. Price for series product is not known yet.


  3. Edvard says:

    oglasil sem se Vam že na mail. Moduli bi me zelo zanimali. Predvsem za spremljanje stanja na enem vodnem viru – količina vode in delovanje vodne črpalke.
    Ali je s temi moduli možno izvesti tudi privatno omrežje? Ali omogočajo komunikacijo “point to point”?
    Hvala za odgovore in lep pozdrav!

  4. Son P says:

    Hi Mare,
    I’m impressed with your product because I’m building st similar with ESP32. Could you please send me 2 pieces for testing? We can discuss price through email.