1 to 4 power splitter

This is small module for splitting 1 signal to 4 receivers. It is part of the multiband SDR receiver, but it can be used standalone for any similar application.

Finished splitter with four SMA connectors

The splitter is based on Minicircuits SCA-4-10+:

Splitter schematic

The SCA-4-10+ is suitable for frequencies between 5MHz and 1GHz with 6-7dB loses:

The isolation is acceptabel for that kind of operation.

What is more important for multiband receiver is amplitude unbalance, which is in the range of 0,3dB.

The splitter can be manufactured using home-made toner-transfer “technology” or ordered at favourite PCB manufacturer. The PCB is 1mm thick, standard FR4.

PDF file with 4 PCBs for toner transfer:

PCB produced with toner transfer and covered with tin. Reverse side is fuuly covered with copper. After drilling the holes for SMA connectors, drill small chamfer for central pin of the SMA connectors to avoid short to GND. Solder GND pins of the SMA connectors on both sides to provide the connection between upper and lower GND plane.

The splitter is currently mounted in the SDR receiver. The measurements will follow in next update of this page. Just “stay tuned”.

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