5GHz “WiFi” Grid antenna test

“Special offer” came out for 5GHz antenna. It was posted on Polish web store Interprojekt, where I sometimes buy some equipment for long range WiFi point-to-point links.

Gold WiFi grid antenna, price 13 EUR

The antenna came well packed in carton with additional box for the feed. The grids were separated with paper to avoid scratches during transport.

The assembly is noting special. Two pieces for grid reflector, feed and mounting hardware. It takes about 10 minits for first antenna and then not more than 7 minutes to assemble every next one.

The official data for the antenna is:

TypeGrid Antenna
Frequency5100 MHz – 5700 MHz
Gain24 dBi
VSWR < 2
Impedance50 Ohm
PolarizationVertical or horizontal
Maximum power 100 W
Vertical beam
Horizontal beam11°
Front to back ratio>24 dB

OK, excellent. I have one 12km WiFi link, where I use patch antenna with 23dBi gain. I put the new antenna on the same pole to check if the above numbers are really correct.

Original patch antenna has horizontal polarisation and is fed with mikrotik groove series of WiFi module.

IP G23 F5258 patch antenna for 5GHz.

The new grid antenna is placed above the orignial patch antenna

Then I run winbox to check the signal using one and another antenna. Here are (not so good) results:

Patch antenna IP G23 F5258 at 5765 MHz
Grid antenna at 5765 MHz
Patch antenna IP G23 F5258 at 5320 MHz
Grid antenna at 5320 MHz

Then I checked the WiFi signals at 5765 MHz:

Patch antenna IP G23 F5258 at 5765 MHz
GFris antenna at 5765 MHz

It looks the grid antenna has 5dB to 6dB lower gain. That means it is 18dBi, not 24dBi antenna.

Finally, I tested the antenna VSWR from 5 to 6GHz:

Antenna connected to VNA

And the results… at least the frequency range is as stated in the datasheet

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