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USB to RS485

Testing of sensors with RS485 using PC without proper interface is not possible. Since RS232 interfaces are very rare, the interface should be hooked to USB. The interface between USB and RS485 can be soldered with one of the many FTDI interfaces with added RS485 driver, or bought as assembled module. There is always the third option. I made it from scratch.

I took smallest STM32F0 with USB and UART interface. The best thing with UART in the STM32F0 is that signal for driver enable is provided within hardware. The complete pinout of the microcontroller is:


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USB to Alphanumeric LCD interface

This is simple, small interface between USB and alphanumeric LCD with 16×2 characters. It is using CDC class – Virtual COM port.

Microcontroller is from STM32 cortex M0 value line family: STM32F070F6. This small “gizmo” has very attractive price and good choice of peripheral devices, like ADC, USB, plenty of timers, etc… Really nice device in “DIY-friendly” package – TSSOP20.

f0 pcb-asm test

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