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Isel stepper motor driver + Ultimaker original motherboard working

I’m so happy it works. So far only X axis.


I’m using +42V and +5V supply from Isel power brick to power Isel step drivers (X and Y). I also added MW switcher to get +12V supply for Ultimaker motherboard.┬áNext step is connecting Y axis and adding stepper drivers for Z and extruder.

Full metal extruder for 3D printer

This is my design of an extruder for filament in wire shape. It is designed to precisely extrude plastic wire with 1.75mm in diameter. Extruder will be used on Isel cnc machine capable of driving 2kg spindle with high speed acceleration. Weight wasn’t an obstacle so I made it heavy duty.

I’m using small stepper motor with integrated gearbox which reduces it’s rpm and increases torque. Wire meets the gear with sharp edges which pushed wire further through heat sink to hot end.

02 - Stepper motor gear hot end extruder 03 - Rear view 04 - END OF DAY 1 -----------------------------------------------

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Water cooling for 3D printer head

One modification instead of plastic-fatntastic parts and disposable air fan:

IMGP0083 IMGP0084