Outdoor housing for Telraam Traffic counting camera

I recently found interesting project https://www.telraam.net/ It’s an open source project where a Raspberry Pi with camera counts traffic passing by (pedestrians, bicycles, cars and other heavy vehicles). The device is (as stated by authorts) “mounted on the inside of an upper-floor window with a view over the street. To send the traffic count data straight to the central database, the device needs a continuous Wi-Fi connection to the internet.”
I placed one in my home on the window and it started counting some day after installation.

Next I wanted to install one in my remote location, where I have internet for other IoT purposes. There is no “upper-floor window”, which means I should place my raspberry and camera outside. Here is how I did it…

The housing is simple plasti “junction box”. I drilled hole for the cable gland (IP67, PG7) for supply cable. It will bring 5V inside the box.

Next hole was for the camera:

Camera is not waterproof. I took one small piece of glass from my microscopy equipment (cover glass, really thin and fragile piece of glass!):

This glass will cover the hole for the camera and prevent the elements from penetrating inside the plastic box. Next I placed double side adhesive (I recommend Tesa 4965) around the camera hole and attached the glass.

The glass was finally protected with kapton tape around the edges:

Next, I prepared the cabling (nothing special) – an insert of the micro-usb connector and two wires. The polarity is: red + and black GND.

Camera is fixed with small piece of double sided adhesive tape on the flat cable:

Final piece is 3D printed holder for everything:

This is how it looks when mounted together:

The final step is mounting everything outside:

The 5V power supply is placed inside the house. The voltage inside plastic box is 5V only to keep the installation safe from mains supply.

Feel free to ask question in this post or contact me directly via email.

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