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Multi-Service Flight Tracker

(Photo by Dan Gitwood/Getty Images)

There are many flight tracking services around the web and most of them are based on ADS-B receivers placed by individuals. Few months ago I put together simple GP antenna, RTL-SDR and installed Pi-Aware software. It fed data to FlightAware. Soon after one of my mod-school friends asked if I could do the same for FLightRadar24. After some search I found this github repo: Balena ADS-B Multi-Service Flight Tracker. I had good experience with balena (for LoRa gateways) and followed the really excellent step-by-step instructons. Below are some details about my installation of this Multi-Service Flight Tracker.

The plane tracker is now feeding online (with short outages) since August 2019.

Here are links:

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Low cost solar radiation shield

The solar radiation shield is a low cost DIY device to protect temperature, relative humidity and other sensors from the weather, while shielding them from the sun for highest accuracy. Provided here are instructions and files. It require some CNC machinig, but then it could be assembled in minutes. It is made from plant pot saucers.

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Protected: Power and safety controller for robots

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Radar under 20€ using cheap CDM324 24GHz doppler module

You can get CDM324 module on ebay for about 6€. It is constantly transmitting and receiving at 24GHz. It’s output is the difference between transmitted and received signal frequency.

I made a simple PCB with opamp, analog comparator and a powerful MCU STM32F4. Besides that, there are some other peripheral components. The PCB connects to the module with 3pin header. On the PCB, another PCB with small joystick is soldered. This joystick is used to interact with GUI on 128×64 graphic OLED display. The main PCB also has USB connector for virtual COM port and charging of 240mAh lithium battery.

Render of the device

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Voluhar project – 3 axis camera stabilization

The Voluhar project will be / might be open hardware and open software project for any DIY and videographer enthusiast that would like to get those enviably steady smooth shots. Well, for now this statement is a bit of a long shot since I don’t really know what I don’t know about brushless gimbal systems.

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APA102C LED strip at 28 MHz clock

I recently received 1m of APA102C led strip with 144 leds per meter. I want to use the strip for rotary POV display so I cut the strip in half and tested the performance with a STM32L476RGT nucleo board. The results of the tests are surprising and very promising for my application.

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New site

New site dedicated to electronics.