STM32F4 schematic library

I have got STM discovery kit for STM32F4 devices. It’s populated with STM32F407 in LQFP 100 package.

STM32 F4 series of high-performance MCUs with DSP and FPU instructions

The ARM® Cortex™-M4-based STM32 F4 series is an extension of the industry-leading STM32 portfolio towards even higher performance. Like the STM32 F2 series, these MCUs leverage ST‘s 90 nm NVM technology and ST’s ART Accelerator™ to reach the industry’s highest benchmark scores for Cortex-M-based microcontrollers with 210 DMIPS at 168 MHz operating frequency.

The DSP instructions and the floating point unit enlarge the range of addressable applications.

The STM32 F4 series is the result of a perfect symbiosis of the real-time control capabilities of an MCU and the signal processing performance of a DSP, and thus complements the STM32 portfolio with a new class of devices, digital signal controllers (DSC).

The STM32 F4 series remains pin-to-pin and software compatible with the STM32 F2 series and features more SRAM, peripheral improvements such as full duplex I²S, improved RTC and faster ADCs.

The devices are available in WLCSP (< 4.5 x 4.5 mm), LQFP64, LQFP100, LQFP144, LQFP176 and UFBGA176 packages.


First thing I noticed, there are no libraries for schematics whatsoever. It took me evening and a half to copy/paste pinouts for LQFP 64, LQFP100 and LQFP144. I prepared some files with pinouts and schematic library for following non-BGA STM32F40x microcontrollers:

Part Number Package
STM32F405RG LQFP 64 10x10x1.4
STM32F405VG LQFP 100 14x14x1.4
STM32F405ZG LQFP 144 20x20x1.4
STM32F407VG LQFP 100 14x14x1.4
STM32F407ZG LQFP 144 20x20x1.4
STM32F415RG LQFP 64 10x10x1.4
STM32F415VG LQFP 100 14x14x1.4
STM32F415ZG LQFP 144 20x20x1.4
STM32F417VG LQFP 100 14x14x1.4
STM32F417ZG LQFP 144 20x20x1.4

stm32f4 sch library

Files are here!

Pinouts in a table for STM32F40x (excel file, 248kB)

Altium files can be requested via  email.


  1. SATHISH says:

    I was wondering did you ever get to play with LQFP 176 STM32F217

  2. Frank says:

    We were using STM32F407IG, trying looking for the schematic libary. Although your’s lib file didn’t 100% match our part number, we are still appreciate your share.

    Frank Miller
    Xi’an University of Technology, China.

  3. Zhiyong Li says:

    Hi, Frank,

    I was looking for STM32F4 pinout and found your blog. It is really helpful, so thanks a lot for the hard work.

    One point about the excel file: for STM32F4107, Pin99 is designated as VSS but in your excel file, this pin was labeled as PDR_ON. I believe this was a typo.

    I am building making an eagle part library, again, your excel files saved a lot of time.


  4. HM says:

    Dear Firend,
    Thank you for your help. 🙂