Alluminium vertical for 40m

I bought 6 alluminium tubes, 2m long, diameter from 45 down to 20mm for 40m quarter wave vertical antenna. This 10m simple construction collapses to 2m pack with nly 45mm diameter. The base is made from PVC plastic isolator, which is fixed to alluminium plate with 4 M6 screws and additional nut, placed inside the plastic hole, which is normally used to fix the steerer tube on the bicycle.

Photos are worth more than 1000 words…



Antenna is made of multiple, 2m long sections. They overlap 40cm.






This is the isolator. It is fixed to the alluminium plate with 5 M6 screws. Four therads are in plastics. Central nut is pressed inside hole. This type of the “star” nut is used inside steerer tube on bicycle.



Sections are fixed with single M6 screw and wing nut to provide fast antenna setup when working on field.



Isolator has no connection yet. I would like to use the plastic isolator for the current balun holder.


This project is under construction and not finished yet.

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