Low power DC/DC module with AS1337

This is small module for AS1337. The shematic is simple and provides all required components to operate AS1337. The PCB is 18x15mm miniature module with all pins at one side (S


The efficiency can be above 90% at certain load conditions.


The AS1337 came in two variants: “A” and “B”. The “A” variant disconnects the battery when in power-down mode (disabled) and “B” keeps battery connected in power down mode.

I ordered plenty of PCBs from PCBWAY. They have excellent quality, good prices and they are reasonably fast. Usually, my customs clearance procedure takes longer than production and shipment.

More details will follow after first tests.

Altium files can be requested via  email.

PCBWAY is the best 🙂


Finished and tested module:



  1. Matija says:

    Hi there, thanks for post. Do you have perhaps a you tube video about it? If yes, kindly ask you to point me there, please?

  2. Mare says:

    Sorry, I dont have video yet. I’ll post it here ASAP.