How to make logo from DXF in Altium

This is simple tutorial, hot to prepare your favorite logotype in altium designer, either as overlay mask or in copper.

Step 1 – Draw your logotype. Prepare it as outline and save it in DXF or DWG version 11 or 12. Altium designer is very picky about that.


Step 2 – Create new PCB document (File-New-PCB)


Step 3 – Import DXF/DWG to copper layer, either top or bot. I am showing here import to TOP layer (File-Import-DWG/DXF):


Check the size, units and origin of the logo. It actually doesn’t matter now, because we will resize the newly created logo anyway at the end of this tutorial. Use very thin size for the lines!


Step 4 – Change default design rule “Clearance” to 0 (zero) (“D”-“R”, pick Clearance). This will provide good fit to the imported geometry.


Step 5 – Place polygon (“P”-“G”) on top of the imported logo. Uncheck the “Remove dead copper” option. You should follow those settings:


Step 6 – Break polygon apart into area primitives. Rightclick on the polygon and select “Plygon actions”-“Explode polygon”:


Now it’s time for final touch, Step 7 – remove unwanted areas (just click and delete):


This is now your new logo, prepared in the altium designer. To change the layer simply select the whole logo and use PCB Inspector.

How to resize the logo?

Resize step 1 – Select all objects, right click and select “Unions”-“Create Union from selected objects”


Resize step 2 – Right click on the logo and select “Unions” – Resize union”


Resize, final step – click on the logo, four handles wil appear in each corner. Drag handles for resize:



That’s all. Any questions? Post them below this post.

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