First 3D print with new machine


Machine with new motion controller performs very well.

Setup of motion controller was easy and really straightforward. I had it running in under 1 hour. Software digests g-cote from Cura without any problems. Travel moves in Cura are recognized in Planet Cnc software and travel feed can be set (I have it on 10 m/min). The feature I like the most is that I can easily set offsets of X, Y and Z. This enables me to place part anywhere on the work-area. Z offset is really important to get a good first layer and getting Z right in 2/100 of mm is piece of cake.


Some extruder improvements:

  • Double 100W heaters directly on 230V AC
  • New aluminum block with thermocouple in center
  • Attached 6 mm2  ground wire to extruder for safety purposes (water + cheap heaters + 230V AC)


Next big step is heated bed and fan for cooling layers. So far I can only print PLA filament.

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