Mini CW Keyer / QRSS beacon V1.1

I designed dedicated PCB for the CW keyer. The project is very similar to the version made on prototyping board.

keyer pcb

Here are the updates:

  • I added relay and optocoupler for PTT control
  • The “CW melody” selection pins have three jumpers for 8 combinations
  • The audio output has 1W audio amplifier and RC at the PWM output (work to do in software driver for audio generator)
  • USB connector is microUSB female which can be used with any phone charger

The PCB is now a bit larger: 62x15mm.


And here is complete schematic:


The PCB was ordered. I will have first boards in few weeks.

Meanwhile, please check the operation manual:

Mini CW Keyer

Here is finished product:


The module works!

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