Low cost sun shield for weather sensors

The white plastic radiation shields that protect the temperature, humidity and other sensitive sensors from any direct sunlight can be built for bargain. I started with trays from local garden shop. They sell for about 10 cents per tray with diameter 120mm (5 inches). About 10 trays were CNC machined:


Complete parts list:

  • 11 lids, 120mm dia
  • three M4 rods with nuts
  • about 20cm of 4mm pneumatic tube

After machining 10 lids it’s time to assemble the shed. First drill three holes in last, not-machined lid. This will be the roof. Next attach three M4 rods to the roof and secure with the nuts.


Cut the pneumatic tube to 10mm pieces. Use as distancers between lids:


When last lid is in place, fix together with three nuts. Finally, the “one dollar” shed is ready for new sensors:


This shed will be used for temperature and humidity sensor.

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