Electric penny board

Penny skateboards are available on every corner for something under 20€. They are a lot of fun to ride on and are very useful when someone has to travel a great distance in pedestrian only area. But what happens when a 2.5 kW electric motor is attached on it? Scroll down to find out.



Finished electric penny board

Finished electric penny board

The yellow box contains electronics. A charging connector is on the side as well as a button and a power switch. The board is operated with a RC car remote.


Animation of powertrain

You can download 3D models (.step) here.


Electric connection (click picture for PDF):

Electrical connection

I tried to make the schematics as simple as possible.


More info about the building process can be found on imgur.

Electric penny skateboard


Video of the skateboard in action:




  1. Stephen B says:

    Have to say, absolutely love this skateboard build! Wish I had as much knowledge about the various components as you do! Thanks for the write up.

  2. Jakub says:

    Hi, what VESC are you using? Company?

  3. Barismutlu says:

    Hi can i print motor mount with 3d printer

    • Gal says:

      Due to mechanical loads and motor heating some 3D printed plastics are not suitable. I’ve seen people use 3D printed mounts though.