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Archos tablet 10.1 repair

My Archos 10.1 died. The death was not sudden. At first, the charging was slower, after a while I noticed “blink blink problem“. After few days the tablet turned int a brick. I realised it was the time for some action…

Opening Archos 10.1 ┬áis fairly simple. There are 6 small torx srews and dozen of plastic clips around the case holding both sides together. To separate plastic parts use your nails or similar “material”, which is softer than plastics to avoid scratches. There is plastic lid covering all side connectors. Camera is within rubber holder and MIC has one rubber cover. Remove all tiny parts into safe place.

Two flex capton foils connects LCD side with periphery. Wider has dual row connector and narrower, 4 pin ribbon (probably the touch controller) has small connector. Remove orange adhesive tapes and pull the wider ribb on out from the board. Open the small connector (black part up!) and pull out the ribbon. Now warm up your soldering iron and unsolder the battery from the circuit (red B+ wire) to avoid “escaping smoke” effects. Isolate the red wire with some isolation! Continue reading ‘Archos tablet 10.1 repair’ »