Modular LPC1700 prototyping board

This LPC1700 prototyping board is modular and simple to build as single-sided PCB. I made it with toner-transfer method. No drilling is required, just SMD soldering. Complete board is modular. Normally, not all periphery is used all the time. Depending on project, there are just too many possibilities, which can not be covered by a single prototyping board. This schematic is just one example how to use miniature prototyping modules, which are described in other posts. Such modules have one big dvantage: they can be simply recycled and used in many prototypes. This protoboard is populated with USB and JTAG modules as absolute minimum for start debugging. USB module provides 3,3V power supply from USB port and JTAG interface is for debugging.

Other modules provided on this board are:

  • ethernet PHY
  • Micro SD socket
  • Monochrome 128×64 graphical LCD
  • 16 bit ADC
  • 24 bit ADC
  • audio amplifier

Board schematic:

LPC1768 protoboard schematic

LPC1768 protoboard schematic

pdf_icon.gif (16×16)LPC1768 prototyping board SCH

To start operating this protoboard at least two miniature, universal modules are required:

Project files:

pdf_icon.gif (16×16)LPC1768 all in one file

Altium files can be requested via  email.


LPC1768 protoboard with USB and JTAG module

To test LPC1768, JTAG and USB connection, I loaded Mass Storage demo for MCB1768 from Keil. After reset, the hardware connects and MSC drive shows up:

Mass storage demo MCB1700

LPC1768 mass storage demo run on presented protoboard

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