Prototyping board for energy micro EFM32G880

Energy micro has wonderful demo/proto boards. But sometimes it is more useful to have bare module without any periphery. Jut fan-out-ed pins, power supply and oscillator. Pins should be 100mils raster in order to stick the module inside other protoboards.

Presented protoboard is the one, which fits in above requirements.

Assembled EFM32G880 board

There is nothing special about this board itself. Altium files can be requested via  email.

EFM32G880 schematic diagram

EFM32G880 assembly drawing

EFM32G880 Altium project files

Feel free to use it and please post some feedback if you find it useful or make any interesting development with the help from this board.


  1. Craig says:

    Clean design, but that resistor divider on the voltage regulator is going to draw over 9 mA.

    • Mare says:

      You are right. For first prototyping could be OK, but for real application more efficient low poower/low Iq DC/DC should be used. I didn’t want to “complicate” on the protoboard. I am preparing small DC/DC module with AS1337 and will publish in few days.