Eggbot – Metric

Original eggbot is made around construction components, which are hard to find in metric world, like Europe. I found some DXF files for cuting the side walls, but after first prototype I realised no brackets could fit in the holes. First I adjusted the holes a bit, but the result was not successfull. Then I prepared 3D design in solidworks using standard elements from local hardware store. Here is the complete 3D design (click on the rendered model):

Link to grabcad


The plastic material for the housing is PMMA (plexiglas) from local PMMA producer. Here is complete layout for laser cutting:  jajcoris-DXF


The electronic circuit is original EBB (EiBotBoard): SCH, LAYOUT, Eagle.

There were about 60 eggbot construction kits prepared within Electronics society of Slovenia. Some of working eggbots are presented here:

Here are some photos:


  1. Emil says:

    How thick are the plexiglass you are using?

  2. Nikos says:

    Where can I buy this Eggbot chassis from PMMA (plexiglas) (this one made by Elektronik)?
    (Only the chassis no the board end the motors)

    • Mare says:


      unfortunately society is non-profit and can not sell to non-members. If you like I can mill one set from PMMA with my CNC router for cost of the material and postage.