What is inside smart watch?

Amazfit pace went swimming and drowned 🙂 After unsuccessful warranty claim I put watch in the drawer and forget about it because it looks “unopenable”. Today I learned it could be opened easily when heated. So I decided to try it. I grabbed hot air gun and shot few blows into the housing heating up to 80°C. It is just below 85°C, which could be a limit for some electronic components.

The proper tool to open the smart watch

The disasembly was piece of cake. Just separate the two pieces.

Here are some photos of what I found inside. It looks the connector for backlight is the most critical and most probably root cause. The watch seems to be operational (when connected to PC via USB it shows internal files and vibra motor is working as well). Probably the LCD is working as well, but it is black without the backlight.

Watch has three parts: display with touch and backlight, main board with battery (could be separated) and plastic cover with contacts and button

Backlight and touch connector

Main board separated from the battery

Battery and vibra motor

I cleaned contacvts and all traces of corosion

Watch assembled back. I connected battery the last.

Unfortunately, the backlight is stil dead.

I am looking for some detailed documentation.


Here is how it looks when connected to the PC:

Content of the user file system


USB device in normal mode



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