Low cost solar radiation shield

The solar radiation shield is a low cost DIY device to protect temperature, relative humidity and other sensors from the weather, while shielding them from the sun for highest accuracy. Provided here are instructions and files. It require some CNC machinig, but then it could be assembled in minutes. It is made from plant pot saucers.

The radiation shield:

  • Provides shield for temperature / relative humidity sensors
  • Allows airflow over sensor but prevents sun from heating the sensors inside
  • Improves accuracy of temperature and relative humidity sensors


Plastic saucers have 120mm diameter. The mid part of the base is removed as shown in the drawing:

This should be done with the small CNC machine or by hand using some precision jigsaw.


After machining the parts should be something like this.

The saucers are then stacked using M4 screw rod, length about 130mm separated with plastic spacers 12mm long.

The “roof” is made of one plastic saucer which is only drilled and not cut in the middle.

Bill of materials

That is now our base for the future weather station. And here is the bill of materials:

  1. Plastic saucers, producer Dekorplast Šentjernej: 0,1 € x 8 = 0,8€
  2. M4 rod from local shop, 1m long: 0,85€
  3. M4 nuts (could be from old terdowns): 0,01 € x 6 = 0,06€
  4. Spacers from Mali-E-Tiko (part number PD4580/12): 0,0371 € x 21 = 0,78

All materials together is less than 3€ (exactly 2,49€).


Click on the image for 3D files and drawings

CLAMP: STEP, SLDPRT & STL for 3D printing

Side mount with clamps: STEP, SLDPRT, PDF

Pedestal for 30mm alluminium pole: STEP, SLDPRT, STL

Mount for sensors

Sensor(s) are placed inside the shed with small 3D printed part, which is placed instead of one spacer or attached at the lowest side of the shed. Here is one option:

One of the options to mount the sensors inside the she

Mount for the shed

Shed can be placed on the top of the pole. The mounting holder for this case is shown in picture above. 3D step fiule for the mount is listed in the “Files” section.

Another option is by using simple “L” aluminium profile. In this case, the shed is mounted at the side of the pole, which could be more suitable, because the aluminium pole could get hot on the direct sun and hot air could then heat the inside of the shed adding unwanted errors.

There are two additional parts for the clamp, which can be 3D printed. Files are listed above.


  1. Craig Fryer says:

    Impressive work! The first challenge I suspect is going to be finding suitable sauces (bowls).

    I have seen a similar design before, but I think this might be better.

    • Mare says:

      Thank you. Bowls are from local plastic producer. They use “highly” recycled plastics for gardening pots (for flowers) and trays are really cheap.

  2. Luke says:

    Saw this on Hackaday, Instantly Knew this was Genius and will be prefect for my current Project, Today I’m about to build one myself. Thankyou for the Idea!

  3. Luca says:

    Do you think that it is possible to create a kit to be shipped?
    I will be interested in purchasing some if the price is good (will evaluate both version with printed parts and without them).

    Thank you.


  4. Robko says:


    kako se obnesejo krozniki v primeru mocnega sonca? Mogoce prodajas izdelek kor kit za sestavo?


    • Mare says:

      Obnesejo se kot druge sončne zaslonke. Seveda pa to ni profi izvedba po “reglcih”, ampak za hobi uporabo je čisto OK. Če rabiš manjšo količino, mi javi, pa lahko “premečem” preko CNC in ti pošljem kot kit komplet. Koliko pa bi rabil ?

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