STM32F070 USB miniature dongle for prototyping

Here is single sided design for prototyping with 20 pin microcontroller STM32F070. This MCU is interesting due to:

  • small size in TSSOP housing
  • low price
  • interesting periphery: ADC, USARTs, timers, USB device!, etc…

Here’s the design. I will post some interesting USB projects in the future based on this board.

stm32f0dongle stm32f0dongle-foto1

This is 1:1 artwork of the PCB for DIY toner transfer PCB production

Assembly drawing, PCB layout, schematic and parts list



Main components (beside caps, resistors and SMD LED) are:

  • LUMBERG 2410 07 USB PLUG, 2.0 TYPE A, RIGHT ANGLE, SMD: farnell 1308875, cca. 1EUR
  • STM USBLC6-2P6 ESD Protection Device, farnell 1295310 cca. 0,2EUR
  • 8MHz SMD Crystal, e.g. ABRACON ABMM2-8.000MHZ-E2-T, farnell 1611803, cca 0,5EUR
  • STM32F070F6P6 32 Bit Microcontroller, Value Line, ARM Cortex-M0, 48 MHz, 32 KB, 6 KB, 20, TSSOP: farnell 2488284, cca 1EUR
  • NCP1117-3.3, Low drop 3,3V regulator, cca 0,3EUR

It is not as cheap as arduino or some other chinese prototiping boards, but it is definetly good substitute for microcontroller/FTDI combination.

After assembling and checking all components, this mini USB dongle should appear as DFU device in windows. Just download the DfuSe application from T H I S   L I N K. The STM32F070 shows up in DfuSe:


Stay tuned for some interesting projects based on this little “gizmo”.

Altium files can be requested via  email.