Multisensor LoRa Device

The described device is nearly matchbox-sized board (50 x 24 mm) packed with sensors. Auxilary board is 10x50mm with additional sensors. The module is developed around the Murata ABZ LoRa module, which integrates STM32L072 and samtech SX1276 in tiny 12.5 x 11.6 x 1.76 mm package. The main board is equipped with following sensors:

  • Magnetic compass MAG3110
  • Thermometer TMP75 for internal temperature measurements
  • MPU unit is MPU6050
  • RH and temperature sensor Si7013

Small section of the main board can be separated. There aqre 6 sensor on this part of the PCB:

  • Thermometer TMP75
  • RH sensor SHT31
  • RH, T and pressure sensor BME280
  • Another Si7013 for external RH and T measurement
  • Ambient light sensor VEML6030
  • UV sensor VEML6075

There are two 1Mbit EEPROMs on-board for local data logging. Additional pins are available for SPI, 2x UART and I2C interface, where even more sensors can be attached.

LoRa multisensor module

Heart of the described board is Murata LoRa module. Block diagram of the ABZ LoRa module is shown in the diagram:

Murata LoRa module – heart of this board

Block diagram of the board

Board overview with marked sensors and BOM is >>> H E R E <<<.

Board can be cut in two parts. This is useful for applications where main board remains within closed housing and sensor are placed outside (e.g. to measure ambient light or UV index).

Overview of sensors and separation line

Schematic diagrams is divided into 4 sections:

  1. LoRa module with microcontroller
  2. Sensors
  3. Antenna and debug connectors
  4. Power supply

Complete altium project: Files can be requested via  email.

Production files for PCB are >>> H E R E <<<

GitHUB repository for this project.

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